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Death of a Superhero Full Movie

Death of a Superhero
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Death of a Superhero Movie Plot

Death of a Superhero is a dramatic movie that follows up the life of a young high school boy who is suffering from terminal cancer. This is a 15 years old boy of Dublin who just cannot take the fact of his arriving death and knowing its authenticity he loses all his control over himself. He gets into his won world of fictional characters and his comic book to confront the appalling reality. He even stoops to the limit of committing suicide and when then arrested for civil disobedience he covers all of it under his disease and one single sentence, ???I???m soon going to die otherwise.??? His behaviour is getting insane and his parents are forced to contact a psychiatrist who is just as helpless as his parents are. Apart from all this he starts a relationship with a girl much beyond her age.

Category Animation Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 97 Min Hits 59171
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