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Cowgirls n Angels Full Movie

Cowgirls n Angels
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Cowgirls n Angels Movie Plot

The story of this family movie is set around the story of a young, charming, notorious, rebellious and stubborn little girl Ida. Ida is feisty and in her fantasies she is searching for a father frantically who is a rodeo rider. Cowgirls n\' Angels reflects the bond she makes with a riding family and thus completes her family and of the riders also. Terence Parker is a riding star and is also running and training a team of women riders ??? Sweethearts of Rodeo that comprises of young girls only who are talented of course. But when Terence recognizes Ida and finally discovers about her innate trick riding skills he readily hires her for the team for the sake of their ranks. Ida finds a family she always desired for and the team gets the only missing piece of their puzzle. Ida finds a new passion, a family and a father whom she had been searching for years.

Category Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-25 99 Min Hits 58422
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