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Cinnamon Full Movie

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The story of the movie Cinnamon takes many twisted turns all throughout. The storyline follows our hero Theodore Atwater the Third who is facing the most difficult time of his life. His grandfather is on the dying bed and has requested Theodore to fulfil his last wish before he is dead, just a day before the funeral of Theodore???s grandmother. But out of all the tastes of the spices and the sweets his grandfather desires for the company of a young woman. Leading a troublesome life is something everyone faces in certain phase of life but finding a young and charming girl to be a company for his 65 ??? years- old grandfather is a troublesome task. Time is limited, only one single night, Theodore has to search everywhere and ask every woman he thinks can be the key to unlock his mystery to solve the problems of a dysfunctional family.

Category Comedy Movies , Family Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-06 89 Min Hits 58208
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