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Chillar Party
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Cast & Crew Director Vikas Bahl Nitesh Tiwari  Star Cast Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor 
Chillar Party Movie Plot

This film starts with an introduction to the lead actors, who live in Chandan Nagar Society. Each of the eight children has his own identity and a nickname based on these qualities. Akram is the fast bowler (Ramashekar), Encyclopedia is the mastermind (Arjun). Not only that, but their whole team has a nickname ??? CHILLAR PARTY. They explain that they have mainly two enemies with the "over-sized" neighbouring cricket team to whom they always lose, and a dog to whom they have given a name ??? Loose Motion, since it has a tendency to make messes. So they develop an enmity against dogs. They were mourning and complaining about the dog when Lucky Singh nicknamed as Panauti (Since whatever he says, happens exactly opposite), says that "Dont worry, no other dog will ever enter our society," everybody loses hope.Their hopes are shattered shortly after a boy- Fatka who was employed for washing the cars of the society, enters with his dog Bhidu. They do everything to throw the boy and his dog out, but become unsuccessful. Eventually they develop a friendship with each other as Phatka helps them by serving as the lead bowler during the match with the neighbouring cricket team. But their happiness is short-lived when a reckless politician, Bhide, enters their life after his personal secretary is attacked by Bhidu for having hurt Phatka.

Category Bollywood Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-07-08 145 Min Hits 137389
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