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Changing the Game Full Movie

Changing the Game
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Changing the Game Movie Plot

The story of the movie Changing the Game revolves around the talent of a young African- American who is gifted with some outstanding and exceptional mental skills. He is born in the poor streets of North Philadelphia which is full of street thugs and all sorts of disgusting professionals. In this action flick we follow this man who finds and builds his way from nothing to everything. With his skills he finds a place in the Wall Street???s most prominent firm. But it???s not too late after when he gets to know that the world of the high white collared officials is the same as that the one he left behind. Engraved in the world of deceit and bloodshed he needs to live the way to survive and for this he needs to learn the tricks from small streets to highly infamous personalities all in one.

Category Action Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 99 Min Hits 49434
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