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Catastroika is a documentary movie on one of the biggest problems of the world and that is of privatisation. All the creators of the movie Debtocracy realized about the change in the trends and investigated thoroughly their doubt by incidences of all around the world. The shocking results left them in an awe. The present trend of privatisation is leading to a great transfer of the public assets into private hands for selfish reasons. In the movie the team goes on a special research mission after the day of Greece???s massive privatisation program. After a lot of research we come to know about the dark dirty secrets that come out to be the main cause of the unemployment of thousands of people in Greece and reveals the plot of one of the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Europe that created debt crisis in Greece and the entire European region.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-01 87 Min Hits 46224
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