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Careless Love
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Careless Love Movie Plot

It is a remarkable dramatic story about a young girl named Linh. The whole story of the movie elucidates the story of Linh a Vietnamese girl studying in the Australian University. We see how she struggles through the time she is in Australia trying to cope the burden of her studies. In a state of misery and pity she thinks to have comprehended the whole situation of an escort and thus signs up to do the job. She commits the biggest mistake of her life and starts working secretly as a part time escort. As she steps into the business and learns the basic tactics she grows a close relationship with a certain client. This is an American art dealer who also likes her and signs her up for a regular basis. The whole business was going well until the day Linh falls in love with a fellow student of the university and the two lives which she tried separating are now destined to merge together.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-17 95 min Hits 67196
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