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Butter Full Movie

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Butter Movie Plot

Butter is an ensemble comedy that throws satire on racism in America and is about the messy art of butter sculpturing. The movie revolves around a proudy self centered Laura Pickler who is never ready to accept defeat. Her husband Bob has been number one butter carver in the small Lowa town and now he is forced to step down as reigning champ. So the things start going away for Laura so Laura decides to participate in the competition and win the title herself and vows to save her family???s reign. She has to compete the two biggest competitors- a 10-year-old American-African foster girl named Destiny and her husband???s hard-living mistress Brooke. Where Brooke is destroying Laura???s life and marriage and Destiny with untapped talent for butter carving becomes the greatest hurdle in Laura???s chase for happiness.

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-10-05 88 Min Hits 87313
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