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Bulb Fiction Full Movie

Bulb Fiction
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Cast & Crew Director Christoph Mayr  Star Cast
Bulb Fiction Movie Plot

The documentary movie Bulb Fiction is set around the campaign to save electricity, to save energy and prolong the future. The storyline of the movie is set around the heroic efforts and the drastic measures that were taken in Brussels in Europe. In order to save energy a special act was passed and all the citizens and the residents were forced to buy the compact fluorescent lamps in order to save electricity. These lamps contain mercury and reduce the electricity consumption to a great level. The documentary further shows that how the industries made it a business and NGO???s proved the deal to be too expensive and even the public policy officials were all bribed along with in the whole procedure that produced a lot of inconvenience for the citizens and posed health hazards. It is a story written as well as directed by Christoph Mayr.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-31 90 Min Hits 131289
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