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Bu son olsun
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Bu son olsun Movie Plot

Bu son olsun is a comedy movie that is centered on the gang of Yaar and his five other friends. They have a very straight forward point of view in life as their only goal is to stay away from hunger and to get drunk with wine. Even in the unstable political conditions of the 1980???s they use their skill to get drunk. But when in September curfew is launched their only home ??? the streets become dangerous and as a result of curfew they are all jailed. Now jail is their newly found home. But the conditions inside the prison are not stable as there is a cold war going on to acquire the power in the prison between the warden and the newly appointed military head. They use the diversity to their advantage to get beer and stay hunger free. But soon enough after that the Yaar group changes their goal to unite a loving couple and to free the innocent prisoners trapped in the dirty place.

Category Comedy Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-10 100 Min Hits 54677
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