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WATCH MOVIES Boy s tenyu 3. Posledniy raund

Boy s tenyu 3. Posledniy raund Full Movie

Boy s tenyu 3. Posledniy raund
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Boy s tenyu 3. Posledniy raund Movie Plot

The story of this action boxing movie is set around a well known boxer Artyom Kolchin who is a champion and seized all possible medals and trophies of boxing, every honor possible. Artyom decides to retire from the ring and takes up the job of a coach and is now training boxers. His life has totally changed now he gives special TV show appearances. He is not so arrogant and cocky as in earlier days and prefers arguing than fighting with hand to hand. Even his wife is not happy about it as she cannot find the Artyom she fell in love with. But when one his best trained boxer is nearly killed in a fight and Artyom suspects it to be the forbidden Kuerte move, he has to investigate the matter. He goes to Hong Kong to the birthplace of the move and learns more about it even though he knows a special secret. Now he must enter the ring once again although compromisingly

Category Action Movies , Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-06 98 Min Hits 49327
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