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Bill W. Full Movie

Bill W.
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Bill W. Movie Plot

Bill W. is a documentary historic movie about the life of William G. Wilson. William was the founder of the Alcoholics Anonymous. The movie searches through the past, present and future of the star name. With the help of footages, interviews and chat with close relatives and friends very strange and shocking information about this personality is revealed in the movie. The whole story of success of William started with sheer determination of doing something. He was a drunkard and on giving a close thought to his habit he worked on it and transferred his habit to millions others in this world. He was even counted as one of the 100 persons of the 21st century by the Times Magazine. He lived a life of sacrifice and service that turned him into a legacy.

Category Biography Movies , Documentary Movies , History Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-18 104 Min Hits 84209
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