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WATCH MOVIES Big Blue Lake (Da lan hu)

Big Blue Lake (Da lan hu) Full Movie

Big Blue Lake (Da lan hu)
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Big Blue Lake (Da lan hu) Movie Plot

Two years after her feature debut, Lovers on the Road???which depicts a couples travels through Beijing???writer-director Tsang Tsui-shan retreats from the bright lights and the big city for her sophomore outing Big Blue Lake, a quiet and poetic love letter to the beautiful natural landscape and traditional culture of Hong Kong that???s tastefully composed despite noticeable narrative flaws.Training a nostalgic gaze on her serene rural hometown and its lovable inhabitants, the small-budget indie drama tells a bittersweet story set in a Sai Kung village, where a failed actresss homecoming unexpectedly brings her self-discovery and reconciliation.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-01-15 98 Min Hits 51681
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