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Bathing Franky
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Bathing Franky Movie Plot

The story of the dramatic movie Bathing Franky is a family concept of romance presented in a new and innovative manner. The whole storyline of the movie is around a person named Steve. Steve is just recently released from prison and because of his sire situation he is not able to contact his girl friend. But not only this he is not even able to forget about the intimate relationship he had with an inmate in the prison. While trying to move on in life he takes up a petty job of meals- on- wheels and is doing the work of home delivery. But this is the time his life changes experiences a change when he meets Rod. Rod is an elderly person as compared to Steve and loves a woman and spends time with her. Seeing both of them Steve feels a bit confident about his closeness to men and his friendship with them.

Category Comedy Movies , Romance Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-26 90 Min Hits 46438
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