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Bar25 Full Movie

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Cast & Crew Director Britta Mischer Nana Yuriko  Star Cast Steffi Lotta 
Bar25 Movie Plot

Bar25 is a dramatic story that follows the friendship of four friends and their passion for music. A truly Berlin culture movie that shows the formation of the world wide known music band Bar25. We get to see the struggles of the group in the very start of their career. These four were talented by mercy of God and together with their ideas of creating music and living in their own individuality they transformed a barren and lonely land across a river to the land of fantasy just by enhancing the music of the flow of the river. Also they tell the life of being a rockstar is short lived, doing the same thing again and again over a long period of time is not so easy. This is documentary based movie is not just about creating what you like but it is about how to live after you achieve your goals as it requires a lot of mindset to get through time.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-03 95 min Hits 768260
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