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WATCH MOVIES Aussie Park Boyz The Next Chapter

Aussie Park Boyz The Next Chapter Full Movie

Aussie Park Boyz The Next Chapter
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Aussie Park Boyz The Next Chapter Movie Plot

The whole story of the movie is set around Cam who is just obsessed with anger and the feeling of guilt and revenge of the untimely death of his brother. When a few co-workers make fun of him, he gives them a good thrashing and a trip to hospital. Soon he is blinded by fury and starts working for Jemmy and participates in cage fighting using his anger in the cage. He is a profit for Jemmy as it is a deal of gratis. But when Jemmy loses some money bet on him he is done over and thrown in the streets. Entangled in anger he comes all out to take Jemmy and is shot and left to die on the streets. But some caring people save him and now he has realized his mistakes. He makes a team and works to search out for the one who killed his brother and do a perfect cremation for his brother.

Category Action Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-01 89 Min Hits 49006
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