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WATCH MOVIES Ausgerechnet Sibirien

Ausgerechnet Sibirien Full Movie

Ausgerechnet Sibirien
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Ausgerechnet Sibirien Movie Plot

A Russian movie Ausgerechnet Sibirien is of a comedy genre that is focused on the life of a logistician Matthias Bleuel. Matthias works in a German company and is sent to Siberia of all places by his Russian boss in order to make sure the flow of work as the German system in the Russian Subsidiary company. At first Matthias did not want to get transferred but in the end accepted the proposal since he did not have the guts to refuse. With all his preparations he reaches the new place with expectations of extreme cold but the warm summer makes him feel a bit relaxed. There he falls in love with a local singer girl named Sajana and is dragged deep in her love. He totally loses control of himself and is now a new personality. The old Matthias Bleuel is gone as he learns to sum up confidence to protect and confess his love for the rest of the life.

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-10 100 Min Hits 149372
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