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Altiplano Full Movie

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Altiplano Movie Plot

This movie a lyrical tragedy drama both directed and written by Peter Brosens and Jessica Hope Woodworth. It is a worth seeing movie starring Grace (Jasmin Tabatabai) a former war photographer living in Europe, her eye surgeon Belgium husband Max (Olivier Gourmet) and Saturnina (Magaly Solier) a young woman in Turubamba. Villagers of Turubamba scum to the illness caused by mercury spill in the nearby mine and Saturnina also loses her fianc??? for the same reason. This leads to a riot in Andean village against foreign doctors in which Max is killed. Grace arrives there in the midst of the crisis to locate her husband. Saturnina takes every measure to curb the endless violation. Here the two tragic women unite by destiny.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-08-20 95 Min Hits 557471
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