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A Dark Place Full Movie

A Dark Place
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A Dark Place Movie Plot

The storyline of the movie is a very entertaining and interesting story about a person named Carter who has just shifted to a new house and is worried about his ailing mother. All he did this was to try to get her mother well once again and while she is getting her medical treatment. This new place is quite lucky for him as his mother is getting well, neighbours are good and above all he just befriended Joey. Joey is the owner of a local bar. Everything is going good only until everything turns down to him. His mother is getting well but now bills are piling up, and the person who lent him money is some badass who just gave him 48 hours to return his money back. All in all even Joey goes out of money and desperately needs someone to fund him. Now in order to help each other, Joey and Carter join hands to do something to solve their problems easily and simultaneously.

Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-30 85 Min Hits 65591
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