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30 Kamlung Jaew Full Movie

30 Kamlung Jaew
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30 Kamlung Jaew Movie Plot

It is a lovely romantic story that is centered on Ja who has have recently had a heartbreaking break up after a seven years long relationship. She is now not in any state of having any new relationship and is just suffering all alone by killing time wither getting busy in work or by partying. Por the grandson of the landlady of Ja falls in love with Por in first look. Ja has lost all her faith in love ever since her break up. When after a lot of tries and as an advantage of Por???s innocence when the two are just closing together Ja???s ex ??? Nop turns into the scene to spoil the budding romance. Nop comes for a reconciliation and Ja is once again upset with her life. Por???s confesses his love but Ja is unable to decide. Por leaves for his training so as not to harass Ja and even Nop leaves Ja leaving her all alone once again.

Category Comedy Movies , Drama Movies , Romance Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-03 89 Min Hits 42158
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