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23 59 Full Movie

23 59
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Cast & Crew Director Gilbert Chan  Star Cast Tedd Chan Stella Chung Henley Hii 
23 59 Movie Plot

The story of the movie is centered around the death of a mad old women at the cottage across the island at 23:59. The rumor is spreading in the men of the army that the ghost of the mad women haunts the forests and claims many lives. Tan is very scared of the event and realizes that his time has come. He tells his partner Jeremy that the mad women haunts him every night and that soon he will be a dead man. Jeremy laughs off the matter considering it bogus. But the very next day of the 24 km march of the soldiers Tan is found dead with an expression of fear on his face across the river. The officials declare it as an accident but drowned in guilt Jeremy decides to investigate what is actually happening in the forest.

Category Horror Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-06 78 Min Hits 63023
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