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11 Flowers (Wo 11) Full Movie

11 Flowers (Wo 11)
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11 Flowers (Wo 11) Movie Plot

What happens when an eleven years boy and his friend confronted a murder? It seems horrible but the storyline of the movie 11 Flowers (Wo 11) is based on that topic. In this movie, there is an eleven years boy, whose name is Wang Han. His life was normal, unless he confronted the murder of a man. The man was dying and Wang Han was seeing this scene with his friend. The man was crying for help but the little kids were frightened that???s why they did not help him. All of them decide not to tell anyone about the murder. On the other hand police were looking for the clues but they were clueless. Will the police be able to reach the kids?

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-09 110 Min Hits 40125
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