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WATCH MOVIES Xi Feng Lie (Wind Blast)

Xi Feng Lie (Wind Blast) Full Movie

Xi Feng Lie (Wind Blast)
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Cast & Crew Director Qunshu GaoQunshu Gao  Star Cast Yihong DuanYihong Duan Zhang LiZhang Li Francis NgFrancis Ng 
Xi Feng Lie (Wind Blast) Movie Plot

This is an action packed thriller. A detective and his comrades??? travel into harsh wilderness of the Gobi Desert chasing a boxer turned hitman Ning and his pregnant girlfriend fleeing through the desert. Finally, they are successful in trapping the cops but they attack their camp resulting in intensifying battles and volatile gunfights.

Category Action Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-03-24 136 Min Hits 76078
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