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WATCH MOVIES Wader Wecker Father Land (Wader Wecker Vater Land)

Wader Wecker Father Land (Wader Wecker Vater Land) Full Movie

Wader Wecker Father Land (Wader Wecker Vater Land)
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Cast & Crew Director Rudi GaulRudi Gaul  Star Cast Hannes WaderHannes Wader Konstantin WeckerKonstantin Wecker 
Wader Wecker Father Land (Wader Wecker Vater Land) Movie Plot

Hannes Wader and Konstantin Wecker, two stalwarts of political songwriters art. Wade, the former communist sympathizer and alleged RAF could with alarm, the anarchic hedonists and unconditional pacifists long time not do much. Well, after severe personal crises, they go on tour together: The North German songs bard meets the Bavarian-baroque piano artists. Despite all the differences - both poets are vulnerable in a society that claims to be invulnerable. About the meeting of two contradictory personalities that have shaped their songs with the 68 movement, the film also tells a piece of German history: from the perspective of a generation, the land of their fathers, we only know from history books, a country that stretches over the decades changed no less than Wader and alarm clock with him.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-12-15 91 Min Hits 101651
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