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Veggie Propaganda Full Movie

Veggie Propaganda
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Cast & Crew Director Kristen Palana  Star Cast
Veggie Propaganda Movie Plot

Veggie Propaganda suggests by its name something related to our eating habits. In this movie Kristen Palana provoke us to think and make us aware about the lives of innocent animals that humans simply use for eating. Veggie Propaganda is a funny, quirky, musical, animation movie made to educate humans that animals also feel pain as we humans feel and they love their lives as we do. We must care for the rights of animals, as our relation with them is very old. This 2D fine art/ digital animation movie is accompanied with original music performed by New York City band, The Penultimate. The idea to make movie on this subject cropped in the mind of filmmaker because of her love for animals and the growing realization of relationship with animals. Through this movie Palana teaches the everyday meat-eaters to make the world better by eating less meat. By showing courtesy to animals they can have better health, save money and earth.

Category Animation Movies , Comedy Movies , Musical Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-14 6 Min Hits 49434
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