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WATCH MOVIES Thieves by Law (Ganavim Ba Hok)

Thieves by Law (Ganavim Ba Hok) Full Movie

Thieves by Law (Ganavim Ba Hok)
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Thieves by Law (Ganavim Ba Hok) Movie Plot

???Thieves By Law,\" is an informative and entertaining documentary with sarcastic humor. Actually the very interesting subject of the world organized crime is taken in the movie. The movie looks inside the Russian mafia who calls themselves thieves by law. They are said to be more dangerous than any other criminals in the world. They owe no family, possession or home. The have to have no thing that could tie them and divert them from their goal- this is their code of conduct. The story is about three men who after coming out of the prison vowed to become good men. Will they win the respect and be able to become men of means with family and home?

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-12-31 102 Min Hits 294144
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