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Stash House Full Movie

Stash House
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Stash House Movie Plot

Stash House is the story of a lovely couple who is entrapped in a dangerous situation. The mystery set movie is set on the couple who just located their dream house in the city side. While they are investigating and exploring the new place they realize that the house is full of drugs. Not only this as soon as they find it out they realize that it can never be their dream house and as they are about to leave they are too late for it. Before they can run out a duo of muscular professional killers yielding guns block their way out and they come to know that is not only illegal drugs but this house is a bazaar of drugs. While the professionals are on the hunt to kill both of them as they know a precious piece of information the couple is trying to turn the tables by attacking the attackers to make their way out.

Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-11 95 min Hits 54035
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