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Shake Full Movie

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Shake Movie Plot

Filmmaker Deidre Thomas brings an erotic thriller drama Shake with a enthralling storyline. The story of the movie revolves around an influential street hustler of Cleveland, Bryan Brown. Thomas Crawley plays the character role of Bryan Brown. His ever-flourishing business of drug suffers a downfall when one of his deals went bad. He has to bear a great loss of name, fame, and money. He is thrown out of the family business and his father tries to re-establish his gone fame and business. Disheartened Bryan shifts from Cleveland to Atlanta to start a new life. On reaching Atlanta he comes across Ms Bee, a shrew club owner who tries to convince Bryan and introduce him to a different kind of hustle. She tries her best to attract him in the business of selling his body in spite of risking his life in drug business. Bryan is also impressed with the things that look so simple Bryan is attracted but not convinced.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-05 88 Min Hits 80999
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