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People Like Us Full Movie

People Like Us
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People Like Us Movie Plot

What will you do, when you find a person whom you don???t know, but that person is very much close to you? Plotline of ???People Like Us??? based on this theme. Sam is a salesman, whose last deal is cancelled because his father has died. Now, against his wish, he has to return his home and has to reconnect with his family. To get his property, he has to fulfill his father???s last wish. While doing this, his life takes twist, when he finds that he has a 30 years sister, whom he never met in the past. When he meets her, he come to know that he has to share the property and give her the money that she deserves. He is forced to develop relationship with his sister and rethink again about his family. In the entire process, he re-examine his own life.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-06-29 89 Min Hits 93304
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