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WATCH MOVIES Lou Harrison A World of Music

Lou Harrison A World of Music Full Movie

Lou Harrison A World of Music
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Cast & Crew Director Eva Soltes  Star Cast
Lou Harrison A World of Music Movie Plot

A lucid portrait of one of the most unconventional and influential composers of the 20th Century. Throughout his life, Lou Harrison (1917-2003) studied and experimented freely with western, eastern and custom-made instruments, embracing artistic playfulness over the classical rules of composition. His unbounded thinking and unbridled experimentation blossomed into the creation of a vast body of work for dance, opera, orchestra and unlikely pairings of chamber instruments. This film offers a rare glimpse into the intimate personal struggles and artistic development of a legendary composer. It is the culmination of more than two decades of research and documentation by filmmaker/music producer Eva Soltes who enjoyed a close relationship with Harrison.

Category Biography Movies , Documentary Movies , History Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-03-06 92 Min Hits 54677
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