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WATCH MOVIES Los ilusionautas

Los ilusionautas Full Movie

Los ilusionautas
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Cast & Crew Director Eduardo Schuldt  Star Cast Kathy Borland Abraham Vurnbrand 
Los ilusionautas Movie Plot

What happens, when four young kids and a dog, are sent to the past and themselves in trouble? The animated and science fiction movie, Los ilusionautas, is the answer of the question. There are four young kids, who were spending their casual life, until a man comes in their lives. Before that, these guys were unknown to each other. A situation occurs in their life, which leads the kids to meet a strange man. The man tells them that he has invented a machine, which can help them to travel in to the past. To solve the issues, they agreed to travel in the past. With them they have a dog, which is also going with them in the journey of past life. When they are in past, due to environmental misbalance, the machine is broken. Without machine, it is difficult to get them back.

Category Animation Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-17 90 Min Hits 76612
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