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Lola Versus Full Movie

Lola Versus
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Lola Versus Movie Plot

How a 29 years lady survive the life after being dumped by her lover. ???Lola Versus??? is all about that. Lola is a girl, who is going to be married her boyfriend after eight years relationship. In the start, everything was all right, and she was eagerly waiting for her wedding day. Just before three weeks, her world shatters, when her boyfriend of eight of eight years refuses to marry her. This was like end of life for Lola, but she decides to survive without her boyfriend. In the process of getting over her relationship, she seeks help form her friends. She tries to date a man only to show that she has forgotten all about the past, but it is not as easy as she thought. Will this near 30 years lady be able to get over her past?

Category Comedy Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-06-08 88 Min Hits 98333
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