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WATCH MOVIES Les Papas du Dimanche

Les Papas du Dimanche Full Movie

Les Papas du Dimanche
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Les Papas du Dimanche Movie Plot

Les Papas du Dimanche is a Family Comedy Drama based on the story of a person who has been Deceived by his wife, Antoine leaves home and goes to stay with Leo, his childhood friend. Leo and his wife Leah, will help him overcome this ordeal. The hardest part for him is the lack of his three children. The famous weekend on two makes you a Daddy Sunday, a little amateur, as is a fisherman or a Sunday driver. Life must go on, smile and joy back. A steep learning curve and gradually joyful new life or even a new romantic encounter may find its place.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-01-25 90 Min Hits 56818
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