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WATCH MOVIES Last Days in Jerusalem (Tanathur)

Last Days in Jerusalem (Tanathur) Full Movie

Last Days in Jerusalem (Tanathur)
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Last Days in Jerusalem (Tanathur) Movie Plot

The movie is also known by another title Tanathur. The dramatic story of the movie Last Days in Jerusalem revolves around the life of Iyad and Nour who form a loving couple. Both of them live in Palestinian city of Jerusalem. After a lot of planning and investigation they decide to leave the city. Iyad is a surgeon while Nour is a stage performer. Luckily Nour even gets a new job in the city they are shifting to. But just before they are to get aboard on the airplane at the airport Iyad receives an emergency phone call from the hospital. Because of a bus accident the needs to go there and treat the wounded and thus they delay their travel. But after that a series of events occur in a chain and they are trapped in the busy schedules and do not get time to leave the city.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-23 80 Min Hits 63665
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