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Healed by Grace Full Movie

Healed by Grace
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Healed by Grace Movie Plot

Healed by Grace is a drama movie with a fantastic storyline. The movie is all about faith in god, friendship, and love. The story of the movie revolves around Riley Adams, a student of second year and a great lover of dance. She aspires to be a world-class dancer. Fortunately success is always at her feet with her hard effort and determination. She wins the regional completion and hopes to excel at national level. However, all her hopes dashed to ground and all her dreams shattered when she meets a terrible accident. Yet in these difficult hours she clings to her faith and is hopeful to recover by the time of national competition. To regain her mobility she opts for equine therapy. During her regular visits to horse ranch she falls in love with a beautiful mare named Grace. The great-unexpected love of the two gives Riley enormous energy that heads her toward her goal to achieve success in national competition.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-20 99 Min Hits 330309
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