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Fight Spirit Pride
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Fight Spirit Pride Movie Plot

The story of the documentary action movie Fight Spirit Pride is set around the life and the struggle of the fighters who have to live different the cage and outside it. The story of the movie was shot in a course of six long years with the help of several organisations. The movie follows a young fighter who is there to create his name and win back his earlier hard earned title. Not only this his objective is not only to win the fight for himself, but also to prove his worth to his father. The fighter has got a very little time as his father lies on the death bed as he is suffering from cancer while he is still trying to train and cope up with his anger of losing the earlier championship. An Ultimate Fighting Championship directed by Garianno Lorenzo. The whole movie is very raw and not much censored as it represents the life of a fighter who had two births and two deaths.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-16 90 Min Hits 63772
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