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F Full Movie

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F Movie Plot

Director Johannes Roberts presents before the world his latest directed movie ???F???. F is the most thrilling movie of the year. The movie is also written by Johannes Roberts. The movie has murder, high school students, high school teachers and a lot of violence. The storyline of the movie goes like this- a group of teachers teaching in a high school must defend themselves such that they succeed to survive from a murderous gang of high tempered youngsters when their school comes under siege after hours. The one alphabetic title of the movie also makes the audience curious to know about the suspense of the movie. The movie stars some of the well known Hollywood stars, we see everyday. It is a short movie merely of 90 minutes but keeps the viewers attached to the story till the last ending scene even.

Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2010-09-17 89 Min Hits 217746
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