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WATCH MOVIES Die Vermissten (Reported Missing)

Die Vermissten (Reported Missing) Full Movie

Die Vermissten (Reported Missing)
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Die Vermissten (Reported Missing) Movie Plot

Die Vermissten is an action movie that is set around the journey of a carefree father and a husband named Lothar. When his 161 ??? years ??? old daughter goes missing he is worried and despite his strong will for not to search for her he goes out in the streets to search for any clue leading him to her. He has been a carefree personality from the very start but this mission is taking him deep to some serious threat endangering the cities. On his investigation he deduces that it is not the only case happening with his daughter as many of the children of the city residents are going missing. The situations in the adjoining cities are bad too. It had been years for Lothar to have had any contact with his family and finally when he is trying something it is very difficult. On further data gathering he reaches a city where there is militia group present and the world has changed as such that children do not leave their house unless and until they are accompanied by someone.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-10 88 Min Hits 50504
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