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WATCH MOVIES Confessions of an Eco Terrorist

Confessions of an Eco Terrorist Full Movie

Confessions of an Eco Terrorist
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Confessions of an Eco Terrorist Movie Plot

The movie is a documentary and is viewed to us by the eyes of the director Peter Jay Brown. He is an activist and is one amongst the famous animal saviors around the world. One thing more he also leads the sea rebels. Though his team and he itself are very much light hearted as they sail around with the flag similar to pirates with a skull and cross bones and they perform some really dangerous activities which inflicts damages to the vessel which carry whalers, illegal drift-netters and illegal hunters who operate world wide and kill the creatures mercilessly for money. The movie contains a lot of sinkings, boarding, arresting and a whole lot of ramming.

Category Documentary Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-10-01 88 Min Hits 367118
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