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Battlefield America Full Movie

Battlefield America
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Battlefield America Movie Plot

???Battlefield America??? is the story of a group of young kids, which wants to be best dance group in a dance show. There is a dance show going to be held in the city and the group wants to win it. They are not professionally skilled and don???t have money to be trained. There is another group of kids, who are very talented in their dance and they make fun of this poor group. During a kid war between these two groups in a restaurant, a successful businessman gets to know about the aim of this poor young kids group and he decides to train them. For that purpose, he hires a professional trainer to prepare these kids for the competition. Meanwhile, this business falls in love with a girl, who works in the community center, where these kids do their practice. He with his girl motivates these kids for their dance. Can this group defeat their enemy group and win the show?

Category Drama Movies , Musical Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-06-01 89 Min Hits 69657
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