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A Morte de Carlos Gardel Full Movie

A Morte de Carlos Gardel
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A Morte de Carlos Gardel Movie Plot

The movie is about the story of a young person named Nuno who is a drug addict and is presently in the state of coma. During his two day stay in the hospital which was between his life and death, each person which is associated with Nuno thinks of the memories attached to him. His parents Alvaro, Claudia and Grace, his aunt all feel guilty of the condition Nuno is in due to them. After the death of Nuno his father refuses to accept the truth that Nuno is dead. He lives in a world of illusion confusing the person with the famous tango singer who disappeared - Carlos Gardel. The movie is directed by Solveig Nordlund and he has also written the screenplay for the movie.

Category Drama Movies  Release Date Running Time 2011-09-22 89 Min Hits 364122
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