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388 Arletta Avenue Full Movie

388 Arletta Avenue
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388 Arletta Avenue Movie Plot

This thriller movie 388 Arletta Avenue can rightly be placed in Paranormal Activity Series as something is haunting the house though it is not any ghost or super natural thing. The movie is a new experiment in the film industry and presented in the found footage format that presents all of its action through the lens of the stalkers cameras. James and his wife Amy are a normal couple living contended life in an upscale Toronto area. It is a matter of great surprise that someone takes keen interest in the couple. He is watching secretly every move of the couple and peeping in their personal life through hidden camera planted in their house, car, and work place and slips in their house to capture them with handheld camera. However, the couple is unaware that they were watched 24 hours a day. The movie is a thriller with a mysterious individual tormenting the couple for unknown reasons.

Category Thriller Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-04-27 145 Min Hits 52537
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