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WATCH MOVIES 30 anos de oscuridad

30 anos de oscuridad Full Movie

30 anos de oscuridad
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Cast & Crew Director Manuel H Martin  Star Cast Juan Diego Ana Fernandez 
30 anos de oscuridad Movie Plot

This is an animated dramatic movie presenting a historic story of a personal named Manuel Cortes who had to survive somehow after the Spanish Civil War came to an end. Although Manuel managed to get back to his home while not getting discovered who he really was. When he reunites with his wife Juliana he receives the terrible new of the way other citizens were killed. In order to survive and for the welfare of his family, love and life he had to dig a hole in the wall to hide under inevitable circumstances. This is the story of so cold post war moles. It is the misery or reward for Manuel as a result of war that he has to spend 30 long years of his life in that prison he dug for himself. The tyranny of the winning side is always on the innocent of the other side.

Category Animation Movies , Drama Movies , History Movies  Release Date Running Time 2012-05-04 85 Min Hits 40018
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